Ambassador Program

 The Chase Pack.

Thank you to all riders who got in touch about joining the Chase Pack for Spring 2019. We are delighted to have such a amazing collection of riders to represent what chasing is all about. We will open the program again later this year. Feel free to send in applications but at the moment we will not be adding to the roster.

The Chasers’ Collective are looking for male and female riders of all ages and abilities that exemplify what we are all about: chasing hard and not giving up. 

You will join The Chase Pack and receive many unique and great benefits in exchange for representing TCC and sharing the passion for cycling we have with others. 

We want riders from all backgrounds and disciplines to document their journeys and show what it means to be in The Collective. 

As part of The Chase Pack you will help us build the brand by sharing your passion and vision with others both in person and through social media. How you do it is entirely up to you. 

 If that sounds like something you want to be part of, please email with some information about you and your riding.