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Cyclocross skinsuit. Shoulder pad (left or right), hydrophobic fabric to keep rain and mud off, slightly thicker material to keep you warm too.

Plus it looks cool.

If you want a jersey, or shorts, or normal skinsuit, we can do that too. Just holla.

All sizes available and men’s and women’s fit.

Delivery takes around 3 weeks as they are hand made in UK.

This is what NoPinz have to say about it, and they know a thing or two about fast skinsuits…


CX Skinsuit.

Based on the Supersuit pattern but with a change of material to full Acqua Zero Hydrophobic Lycra, this suit not only fits like a glove but will outperform the competition in comfort and speed.

The Acqua Zero Teflon coating will shed water and mud, making this skinsuit the ideal choice for wet muddy CX racing.

The Acqua Zero material is also more stain-resistant keeping the skinsuit looking pristine for longer. The extra length has been added to the body to enable running and an optional shoulder pad can be specified for comfort when bike carrying.

  • Acqua zero and Aerostripe fabrics.
  • Teosport Armadillo Chamois.
  • Optional shoulder pad.
  • Men’s and Women’s specific designs.
  • Low-profile silicone grippers.
  • Nopinz Speedpocket as standard.


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