One week ’till party time: GC2

We’re pretty much one week away so I thought I’d do one final push with the details so everyone knows what to expect, and maybe it’ll entice a few more into joining us.

As we’ve said, this is just a group ride between mates- so we have no idea how many people are going to turn up. The main thing is, whether it is 5 , 50 or 150, it’ll still be a brilliant day out. That’s the ethos and beauty of Gravelcross- it’s about no pressure riding with challenge if you want it. There’s something for everyone and you’ll come away from it with a new experience compared to racing or just riding.

The details, incase this is your first time reading about it…

Saturday 19th October

50 mile group ride

5000ft of climbing

Roll out at 8am from Whiteways Car Park in Houghton, Arundel.

Pretty much all off-road except for a few quiet lanes

Every type of offroad you can imagine- fast doubletracks, singletrack, technical uphills, technical downhills, fast downhills, optional jumps, drops, berms, rock gardens.

All bikes welcome- we recommend a cross/gravel bike for ultimate fun but MTBs are cool with us too. Someone asked if they could bring a tandem and as much as we would love that- we don’t think it’ll fit on some of the tight, technical trails towards the end of the ride. Next time though, we’ll keep them in mind when we plan routes, perhaps some optional T lines!

The aim of the game is to ride as a group as best we can- not full gas but still a decent pace to suit all. We then have 10 segments across the route for riders to set their best time on. At the end of the ride, we’ll then look at all the times and assign points for every place and work out placements. It’s all fun and the real winners are the people who get the special prizes for categories we’ll announce on the day- they won’t be about speed.

So what do you have to do?

  1. Check the main Gravel Chaser blog out with all the exact details and segments: https://thechaserscollective.co.uk/gravel-chaser-2/
  2. Sign up to the TCC Gravelcross group (fro your segment times to be counted) https://www.strava.com/clubs/TCCGC
  3. Set yourself as ‘going on the Facebook group and Strava events here: FACEBOOK and STRAVA it helps us get sweets and nice things to hand out to people for free.
  4. Save the route onto your Garmin/Phone/Wahoo/Notepad ROUTE HERE
  5. Sort ya bike out

Now as we all know- mechanicals, punctures happen but instead of slowing the whole group down, the route has 3 designated wait points so people can get back on. This is why having the route is crucial, it is not marked, so you need to know where you’re going. The pace of the group will allow for someone to catch back. More details of this are in the main blog.

On the day, we’ll be there early- try and arrive with time to set up, meet the other riders and check the bike over. We’ll be checking Facebook in the morning so if you are coming but running late- send us a message and we’ll work something out!

The final thing- use the hashtag #gravelchaser2 in everything you’re posting up on the Instagram, Bebo, Myspace or FriendsReunited. Because sharing is caring.

We look forward to seeing you, we can’t wait for it- the route is amazing and the feel the format is going to be loved.

Sam & Ed

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