Category: The Collective 2020

First TT, Ltd Edition GP5000s and Imploding at 8000ft.

What’s up Squid Fans, what a month or so it has been since I last wrote one of these stupid blogs rather than the excellent words of our Spotlight guests. We have had such a fantastic response to those interviews- in a world of YouTube, Instagram and Podcasts I think it’s nice to have a […]

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The South Downs Spectacular

There is a feeling like no other that enduance sport and big adventures whilst cyling can bring. The one where you are riding the last mile of a big ride: you are floating. All pain is gone. The feeling of joy is unfounded. Of relief. You know it is over. You have achieved. You left […]

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The Collective 2020 01: Road, green grass & bikes and Gravel Chaser 3.

It has been a long time since I’ve done a proper one of these- chiefly because the podcasts are where I do most of my thinking out loud when it comes to bike stuff. The danger though, is that once you’ve said it, you can’t edit it- not with Seb’s editing style anyway- it all […]

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