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Welcome to TCC

First TT, Ltd Edition GP5000s and Imploding at 8000ft.

What’s up Squid Fans, what a month or so it has been since I last wrote one of these stupid blogs rather than the excellent words of our Spotlight guests. We have had such a fantastic response to those interviews- in a world of YouTube, Instagram and Podcasts I think it’s nice to have a […]

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The South Downs Spectacular

There is a feeling like no other that enduance sport and big adventures whilst cyling can bring. The one where you are riding the last mile of a big ride: you are floating. All pain is gone. The feeling of joy is unfounded. Of relief. You know it is over. You have achieved. You left […]

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The Collective 2020 01: Road, green grass & bikes and Gravel Chaser 3.

It has been a long time since I’ve done a proper one of these- chiefly because the podcasts are where I do most of my thinking out loud when it comes to bike stuff. The danger though, is that once you’ve said it, you can’t edit it- not with Seb’s editing style anyway- it all […]

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Getting flat

The Collective 2019. A rapid review.

The end of year blog- it feels like a lot has happened and a lot has changed since the last one I wrote here: 2018 highlights. Before I start- be sure to go and check out our Ambassador Program, The Chase Pack- for more information about joining the TCC family, getting great benefits and sharing […]

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One week ’till party time: GC2

We’re pretty much one week away so I thought I’d do one final push with the details so everyone knows what to expect, and maybe it’ll entice a few more into joining us. As we’ve said, this is just a group ride between mates- so we have no idea how many people are going to […]

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Three Peaks: a day beyond.

There’s no way to describe what I am about to describe. Which makes this piece of writing seemingly obsolete. But I feel it important to write down my experience as much for my own benefit to remember and enjoy what was one of the most surreal and incredible days I’m likely to have on a […]

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Gravel Chaser 2

Hopefully you have read about or heard us talking about the epic all day original Gravel Chaser gravelcross ride we did earlier this month. It was my idea in homage to events like Grinduro, Dirty Kanza, Leadville 100, Belgian Waffle Ride and many others- who we feel are capturing cyclists’ imaginations and attention. We wanted […]

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TCC Gravel Chaser 2019

It feels like a long time since I wrote one of these, mainly because we now do the Podcast but it’s not exactly a direct replacement, so will try and keep it up to date. This blog is all about a ride that we are doing on Saturday 3rd August- TCC Gravel Chaser. It is […]

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The Collective 021: Roubaix, Flanders and everything in between.

I’ve been sat for about 20 minutes trying to work out how to convey the feelings, atmosphere and shock to the senses that watching the pros come past on the Carrefour de l’Arbre. It seems that I can’t. Which is why it is such a special experience because you have to be there. In a […]

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The Collective 020: A guide to endurance MTB racing.

As the season is getting underway- everyone is planning their weekends as the mornings get warmer and the evenings get longer. Well that’s suppose to happen anyway. If you missed it, TCC are putting on our very own 6 hour MTB race and to celebrate this, Seb- from the Chasers Podcast has written a guide […]

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