About TCC

The Chasers’ Collective  is run by two best friends, I (Sam) and Ed wanted to create something that was different and personal. We didn’t start it to make money and leave our jobs, we wanted to create something with what we loved and share and enjoy it with others. That is why we treat The Chaser’s Collective as more than just us trying to sell things. We strive to connect with people and enjoy this incredible sport with as many people as we can- regardless of ability. We want to The sole requirements to being part of The Collective is that you strive to improve, to not give up when it gets hard, to help others do the same and do your best to enjoy it and take happiness from the fact you have given it your all.

Cycling can often be daunting, especially when you are trying to improve yourself and your riding. Riding with a club for the first time, stepping up a level, the first chaingang, a hard sportive, racing for the first time, racing against categories higher than you and much more, feel like the scariest things in the world when they are the unknown. But this is where everything TCC is about happens- that push into the next level. And what do you find? That those who are already there are ready to welcome you with open arms and help you in any way they can, it just takes you to go over and say hi. So push yourself, chase hard, and reap the rewards both mentally and physically when you achieve that goal- no matter how big or small.

There will be setbacks, because without those, you aren’t pushing hard enough.


Go chase.


Sam and Ed.


Our kit

We very quickly realised that cycling kit is expensive. It’s expensive to buy, but unless you are ordering from faraway countries in large quantities, it’s pretty much the same cost for us to make as you to buy. But that’s ok, because we just want to make enough to be able to design and create more. We even buy our own kits; we believe that all money should go back into TCC to allow us to do more.


We don’t want to put our name on anything other than the absolute finest quality kit too. That is why we sought out Blake at NoPinz to help us. They are such a superb company and produce what I truly feel are the best quality and most aero kits out there. I haven’t bought another piece of kit that includes a tag that tells me exactly who made it with their own hands.

There is also the ethical angle too: it takes a lot of fuel and other resources to get clothes across the world and cycling is meant to be a healthy sport for the planet. Any little changes we make can have a big impact if people come on board.


All of this means our kits aren’t cheap and take longer to be made and delivered, but what you are getting is the finest items, made by the best people, at the lowest cost both financially and environmentally that we can afford- directly to you.


Plus they make you go fast, look fast and feel fast.


So for something different, with quality, speed and fit at the forefront of the process, check out TCC.